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How to Make Paneer at home ?!

Paneer for Stuffing
Paneer the Indian Cheese is used in making fry, gravy and as filling in Indian Bread.

Ingredients : 
  • Milk : 1 Ltr ( with 3% + fat)
  • 1tbl spn of vinegar / lemon juice
Method of preparation :
  • Use a thick bottom vessel and bring the Milk to boil
  • Add vinegal / lemon juice into it. Let it boil till the milk curdles. 
  • Once you see the water separated completely remove and pour on to a cheese cloth / muslin cloth placed on a stainer. 
  • Run cold water through it (to remove sourness)
  • Wrap the cloth and sqeeze out all the water to get firm paneer.
  • If you want to make cubes then place the paneer in muslin cloth below a flat weight (vessel with water) 
  • Paneer would be firm enough in one hour. Remove the paneer block from the muslin cloth. 
  • Cut into cubes and add to your dish.
  • You can refrigerate it for later use. 
Paneer Cubes
 Note : 1/4 qty of paneer can be got from 3% fat milk.
You can place the paneer in the muslin cloth betweeen stainer and weight so that the excess water drips out.
Also Known as : Paneer, Panir, Indian Cheese, Cottage Cheese
Variations : You can add some herbs into the boiling milk to get herbed paneer.


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