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How to preserve Green Chillies ?

A country where mostly black pepper is used to spice up the dish getting Hot Green Chillies in German supermarket is impossible. The most hotest chilli found here is the chilli we use to make Chilli Bajji in India. So to make our life spicy we make sure we buy a lot of green chillies from the Indian Stores and preserve them for later use.
Ingredients :
  • Chillies
Method :
  • Take fresh greenchillies. Remove rotten / discoloured ones.  Rinse well.
  • Put them into a plastic box. 
  • Leave it in a freezer.
  • Take as many as you want while making any dish and put the box back to freezer. 
  • Run water through the chillies and use them for making any curry.
Note : The spice level would be te same as fresh chillies. Shelf life 3 to 4 months.
Also Known as : Frozen Chillies, Frozen Merapakaya, Frozen Patchai Molagai


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