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Indian Grocery in Aachen, Germany

Finding Indian Shops in Aachen, Germany for someone who is new to the city is quite a challenge which we faced a few years ago. Somehow cannot get proper details on google search. Therefore thought I shall put in some details which would be helpful for Indians coming to Aachen. I have also recommended what to buy where in terms of quality and also value for money. In all these shops we get almost the same variety but there is difference in price.

There are just a few Indian shops or Grocery stores in Aachen mostly near Bushof.

Srilankan owning : Nagammal Markt, Jülicher Straße 4, 52070 Aachen, Ph : 0241 538954
We get : Spices, Dhal, Rice, Indian Vegetables,  Indian Greens, Fish, Mangoes during season
In this shop almost everything is overpriced so I wouldn't prefer to buy.
Good Buy : Idli Rava  what I would buy in this shop which cant be got in other Indian shops.

Punjabhi owning : Raja Markt, Alexanderstraße 82-84, 52062 Aachen, Ph : 0241-4008055
We get : Indian Spices, Dhal, Atta, Rice, Green Chillies, Vegetables, Pickles, Tamarind, Ginger, Fresh Samosa
This was my preferred Indian Shop for shopping where the prices were nominal.
Good Buy : Chappati Atta, Basmati Rice, Dhals, Spices, Green Chillies, Curry Leaves, Okra
Here a lady does eyebrow threading on Saturdays. They take order of food for parties and the food tastes as bad as it could be.

Punjabhi owning : Century Foods, Hansemannplatz 1, 52062 Aachen, Ph : 0241-4018325
We get : Indian Spices, Dhal, Atta, Rice, Green Chillies, Few vegetables, Pickles, Fish
Here the prices are little higher than Raja Markt, only those which was not found in Raja I would prefer to buy here. I would buy small Indian Brinjals here and Raw Banana here.

Hallal Markt, Stiftstraße, Aachen Near C & A
This is turkish supermarket where many Indian stuff can be found. Especially Vegetables are a good buy here,  especially Mint leaves, Coriander leaves are quite cheap, Chicken and Lamb can be found.
One can buy vegetables and grocery in Vaals, Netherlands where shops are open even on Sunday and its quite cheaper than in Aachen. Shops can be found right in the border.

For those who are looking for Idli Rice its a disappointment, atleast for me it was so. I used to buy it from Köln in the Indian shops there.
Rava / Suji / Semolina is known as Greiß in German and can be found in German Supermarket itself. Weichweizen variety is good for making idli / upma and Hartweizen is much fine which is like chiroti rava

Note : There are few more Indian shops though which I have not covered here. 

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