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Diabetes-Why and What ?

Our Body’s Main source of Energy is Glucose, passed via the bloodstream, is the Major source of energy for the body's cells in our Body.

Normally, in our Blood, blood glucose levels stay within a set - narrow limit throughout the day:

Accepted Levels and Range : 4 to 8 mmol/l (70 to 150 mg/dl).

Normally Levels rise after meals and are usually lowest in the morning, before the Breakfast of the day. Diabetes mellitus is the most feared disease related to failure of blood sugar regulation and control .

Blood sugar problems and its Health effects:

If blood sugar levels drop too low, a potentially fatal condition called hypoglycemia develops.
1. Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar:
2. Symptoms may include lethargy (Inactivity; showing an unusual lack of energy)
3. impaired mental functioning
4. irritability and
5. loss of consciousness.

Hyper Glycemia: If levels remain too high, appetite is suppressed over the short term.
Long-term hyperglycemia causes many of the long-term health problems associated with diabetes including eye, kidney and nerve damage.

Diabetics should sensibly ADJUST FOOD, EXERCISE, oral Medications or insulin.

DIABETES is surely controllable through PLANNED DIET AND NUTRITION . Diabetic patients can easily lead NORMAL LIFE with the above control.

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