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Dates and Dry fruits Roll / Burfi

Not a Great Picture But wanted to put that for Reference

Ingredients :

Badam : 20 Nos
Cashew : 20 Nos
Pista : 20 Nos
Dry Grapes / Raisins : 10-15 Nos.
Dates : 20 Nos (honey soaked ones not dry)
Poppy Seeds : 1 TBSP
Butter / Ghee :1 TBSP
Dry coconut : 2 to 3 TBSP
Salt : one piinch
Wallnuts / Any other dry fruits of your choice can be added
Nutmeg : one dash grated

 Method of Preparation :

  • Cut the nuts into small pieces and dry roast them for 2to 3 minuts and keep it aside
  • Add Ghee / Butter in a pan along with Poppy seeds and fry a little. 
  • Now add the Dates thats cut into small pieces along with Dry Grapes and stir for 2 min. 
  • Now add the fried dry fruits and mix well along with a dash of salt. 

  • Once it comes to a temperate where you can handle it with you hands knead it to make a roll which looks like hot dog.
  • Wrap it in an Aluminum foil and keep it in the fride for atleast 2 hours. 
  • Remove from the foil and cut them into pieces. 
  • Ready to eat and can be stored in an air tight container. 
This would taste like Chikki or Ground Nut Burfi but would be softer.
Great way to make kids eat the dry fruits.
 No added sugar as the Dates has all the sugar thats needed.

Note : Just a pinch of Salt, not more. Do not fry the dates for too long.

Also Known as : Dry Fruits Bar, Dates Roll, Dates and nuts sweet.
 Variations : You can make this into any shape and also be make into rounds like a ladoo.


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