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Achari Gosh

Its an indian curry which tastes little like pickle. Achar means pickle. Goes well with rice, chappati, phulka, roti.
Chicken / Mutton (Lamb): Half Kg
Onion : 1 No.
Turmeric : 1 tea spn
Ginger garlic paste : 1 tbl spns
Coriander powder : 1 tbl spn
Chilli powder : 1 tbl spn
To Cook meat : Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add one chopped onion, turmeric, ginger garlic paste and fry till the onions turn golden clour. Now add the meat, 1 cup of water, coriander powder and chilli powder. Close the cooker and cook till the meat gets cooked.
Fenugreek (methi) Seeds : qtr tea spn
Mustard seeds : 1 tea spn
Jeera : 1 tea spn
Fennel seeds (sounf) : 1 tea spn
Kalonji (onion seeds) : 1 tea spn (instead of this you can use almonds)
Sesame seeds : 1 tbl spn
Take all the above ingredients in a pan and fry it. Add water and grind it fine.
Ingredients :
Methi seeds : qtr tea spn
Green chillies : 3 Nos. (sliced)
Ginger : Half inch (sliced thin)
Lemon : Qtr portion
Yogurt : 2 tbl spns
Add 2 tbl spns of oil in a pan, add methi seeds and the ground mixture. Boil for 5 min and then add the water that you have in the cooked meat and boil it till it turns to a little thicker gravy. Now add the cooked mea, salt and yogurt and mix well. Cook this for 10 min stirring it inbetween and add a pinch of sugar. Now add the sliced ginger and green chillies and sqeeze a little lemon into this and its done

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