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Taj Mahal - Indian Restaurant Review - Aachen Germany

Name : Taj Mahal Restaurant
Country : Germany / Deutschland
Address :  Aachen, Weberstr 2, Aachen
Telephone : 0241 34130

Rating : 4/5

Surprisingly the best Indian food one can get in Aachen is from an Indian-Pakistani Restaurant. We were a bit skeptical when entering the restaurant. We were not sure if the
food would be anything near to Indian style. We were pleasantly surprised.

The ambience is pleasant. They did try to bring in the Indian atmosphere. Lots of things reminding of India, the wooden elephant sculpture, old plates and utensils of Indian style, the deco, the bollywood magazines, and the 'music'. Music is one thing we would really like them to change. We have visited the restaurant 4-5 times and we always hear the same songs . We would love to hear something different.

The food is of much better quality than the other so called Indian restuarants in Aachen. The food is obviously Europianized, to suit the taste buds of the European customers, but it is the closest we have found in Aachen, to have Indian taste. Our favourites were Alu Keema, Fish curry and Sheek Kebab though we have tried a lot of other varieties every time we dine there.

The waiter is actually the restaurant owner's son, and he indeed is very friendly and responsive to the requests and the needs of the guests. One can order something special which is not in the menu and can also modify a bit in the menu. For example, we did substitute the rice for chappathi at times, though the menu mentioned that the dish was served with rice.

The price is nominal, on paar with the other Indian restaurants in this city. The dinner for two with drinks normally costs around 25 Euros.


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