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Tandoori Indian Restaurant Review - Aachen Germany

Name : Tandoori Indian Restaurant
Country : Germany / Deutschland
City :  Aachen (in Karlsgraben)
Web : http://www.tandoori-aachen.de
Rating : 1.5 / 5

The name Tandoori does sound tasty. But with this restaurant, the taste stops with the name.  The first time I went to this restaurant, I was astonished by the indifference of the Owner, who I suppose is a Nayar ( as written in their website). I was supposing that maybe they had a tough time then or maybe I was prejudiced. Therefore I wanted to give a second try and was even more disappointed the second time. And the indifference doesnt stop with the hospitality.

The ambience, is indeed pretty neat and clean. The only sign of India is a God's Idol and some lights. But that gave a very pleasant atmosphere. The chairs were heavy and comfortable. So, at the first sight, it was pretty impressive and that added to our expectation and our apetite.

The first glitch comes in the form of the lady who owns ( or her husband owns) the restaurant. There was no greeting in her face and all that greeted us was a wry smile. Not sure if she receives her German guests this way. If that is the case, then she must have gone bankrupt long time ago. So I do presume that the wry smile is reserved for ther Indian guests.

Then comes the menu card. All looks pretty good on the menu card. Though it is on the pricier side, it is definitely not too costly. In my visit to the restaurant, I felt the rice was completely uncooked and I have reported it to them at that time itself. So this time I wanted to try how the rice is.  Infact all the dishes were with rice and we ordered two dishes, chicken masala and fish curry. I requested the lady that one dish I want with rice and the other dish I want with Roti. She said that is not possible, because the rice is already made for this and that I have to pay extra for the roti. It was a real silly answer I felt because they could not possibly have expected that I would be ordering fish or chicken and they couldnt have kept that dish waiting for me. And moreover the rice they serve is like given in the prisions. See it to believe it.

The curry was good, but the rice was completely uncooked and combined with the indiffernce shown, this is one of the worst dining experience.


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